24 Nov Ballot Initiative Proposes to Use High-Speed Rail Money for Water Storage Projects

An initiative to redirect nearly $8 billion in bond money from the state’s high-speed rail project to build water storage has been submitted for review.

Officials say the initiative will cement the future of our water resources by using the bond dollars to store, deliver and most importantly recycle water. The initiative would also modify the state constitution, making drinking water and irrigation a priority in California, especially with our limited water supply.

Governor Jerry Brown stands firm in believing in the project that will stretch the high-speed train between Northern and Southern California.

“There’s an amenity. There’s an efficiency. There’s a sustainability on the type of fuel. There’s a protection of the air. There’s a protection of the land,” Brown stated.

Whether the initiative makes it to the ballot depends on the number of signatures it gets, though many think it will get a good amount. A recent survey by the Public Policy Institute of California shows about half of residents are unsure about the railroad project that is already over budget.

Source: http://www.kfbk.com/articles/california-drought-492654/ballot-initiative-proposes-to-use-highspeed-14123670/