12 Nov CA Water Alliance Voices Support for 2016 Water Project Ballot Initiative

State Elected Officials File Papers to Establish the “Water Priorities Constitutional¬†Amendment & New Surface Water and Groundwater Storage Facilities Bond Act”

SACRAMENTO, Calif. (Nov. 12, 2015) – The California Water Alliance today applauded the filing of an initiative for the 2016 ballot that seeks to provide a long-term fix to California’s dysfunctional and inadequate system for storing and managing the state’s water supplies.

Today, Vice Chair, Board of Equalization, George Runner and California State Senator Bob Huff (R-San Dimas) submitted for title and summary a 2016 ballot initiative that establishes priorities for the state’s use of water as a constitutional amendment. It also would redirect unspent High Speed Rail Proposition 1A (2008) and Proposition 1 (2014) water bond designated water storage money to build new surface water and groundwater storage projects without adding more debt or levying new taxes. The measure adds a new section to Article X of the California Constitution making drinking water and irrigation the primary beneficial water use priorities of the state ahead of all other needs.

“California’s ongoing water crisis continues to stress our reservoirs and groundwater basins and has led to mandatory water cuts and fines on all Californians,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, Executive Director of the California Water Alliance. “This initiative offers a meaningful way for California to address its chronic problems stemming from aging water infrastructure, increasing population and the ramifications of climate change that will continue to stress our already fragile water system.”

Bettencourt added, “this ballot initiative ensures all regions of California will have a reliable water supply for their homes, businesses and our state’s food producers and does not authorize any additional state bond debt or raise our taxes; it redirects funds to better uses by conserving, recycling and recharging groundwater aquifers and building new projects and permanent infrastructure to capture and store water to be used for domestic water supplies and food production.”

The Water Priorities Constitutional Amendment and New Surface Water and Groundwater Storage Facilities Bond Act was submitted today to the Attorney General for an official title and summary.

A copy of The Water Priorities Constitutional Amendment and New Surface Water and Groundwater Storage Facilities Bond Act can be viewed here.

About the California Water Alliance

The California Water Alliance is a non-profit, non-partisan organization comprised of 4,000 members statewide that is dedicated to achieving both short-term relief and a long-term solution to the water emergency afflicting California. To this end, California Water Alliance supports the development of a water infrastructure bond that is comprehensive, and takes into account the needs of all Californians. To learn more, please visit www.californiawateralliance.org

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