13 Nov Dead Harvest Premieres In Visalia

“it’s terrible, i mean it’s really terrible” “i feel like they don’t really understand how bad it really is” stefani: federal leaders and farmers gather to watch a film showing how dangerous our valley drought has become. stefani: good evening… i’m stefani booroojian. evan: and i’m evan onstot. thanks for joining us. evan: in water matters… many republicans and farmers throughout the area met tonight to watch a new documentary called “dead harvest”. stefani: the film featured local farmers talking about how bad the drought is here in the valley. it premiered tonight in visalia and ksee 24’s lindsey henry attended and has the story. [a10]water documentary-pkg lindsey henry, intro “as patrons packed the visalia fox theater, a discussion began about what changes need to be made here in california” driving through the central valley it’s easy to see how bad the drought really is. that’s what the documentary “dead harvest” was all about. featuring local farmers and how the lack of water is affecting not just production… but the consumers. rep. devin nunes, tulare “the situation has gotten bad enough now to where everyone in the valley knows that something has to be done or a lot of farm land is going to go out of production” valley congressman devin nunes was amoung a panel that discussed how the drought is a state wide problem. he says that about a million acres have already been fallowed … and it’s something you see in the film. tony camara, patron “it’s terrible, i mean it’s really terrible” exeter union high school’s young republicans club attended… mccall machado, student “i feel like they don’t really understand how bad it really is” students tell us that felt it was important to attend so that they could talk about it with their classmates… and discuss the changes they think need to be made. beau harden, student “the fact that we are dumping thousands of water into the ocean instead of using that to help the homes that have been devastated, even across this county, porterville for instance, is really atrocious” betty luengas, student “i know the fishes are important too, but it’s life or death here” representative nunes also has a few ideas… rep. devin nunes, tulare “we need a few more dams and just turn on the pumps that have been off for so long and we would have plenty of water” he says the more than 500 people that attended the “campaign for water” event, got the message that something has to be done to reverse the damage done by californias historic drought nunes: “this is the world premiere of this documentary, i want to help these guys get it out there as much as possible” lindsey henry, tag “officials say that by playing this documentary they hope to get more people interested so that they can play it in other cities across the state. in visalia, lindsey henry, ksee 24

Source: http://www.onenewspage.com/video/20151113/3552348/Dead-Harvest-Premieres-In-Visalia.htm