09 Dec Drought Fact Sheet – May 2015 (revised 5-26-15)

California Agriculture Drought Fact Sheet

Revised May 26, 2015, May 20, 2015

In California, 50 percent of the water is used to protect the environment. About 40 percent goes to farms and the other 10 percent goes to urban areas.
California Water Plan Update, 2013

Crop production per acre-foot of water has risen 43 percent in California between 1967 and 2010.

USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service, California Department of Water Resources

On average, agricultural water supplies from Redding to Bakersfield have been cut by 70 percent.

NEW – 44 percent of California’s 9.6 million acres of irrigated farmland will receive zero surface water allocations in 2015.

NEW – Almost 3/4 of California’s irrigated farmland, or 6.85 million acres, is receiving 20 percent or less of its normal surface water supply.

California Farm Water Coalition Agricultural Water Supplier 2015 Survey

NEW – More than 692,000 acres of California farmland were fallowed in 2014 as a result of the drought. For reference, 692,000 acres is slightly smaller than Yosemite National Park, or

an area the size of 522,000 football fields, DWR, NASA

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Source: http://farmwater.org/farm-water-news/drought-fact-sheet-may-2015/