25 Sep Duped into a bad water deal

Sep 22, 2015

The Department of Interior did their best naive teenager impression when they negotiated a deal with Westlands Water District who channeled their inner used car salesman. Not surprisingly, Westlands got a sweet deal while DOI turned Uncle Sam into Uncle Sucker. In the end the government got little other than relieved of an empty threat, out several hundred million dollars, and promised to sell a ton of subsidized water for the next 50-100 years to a greedy group that could use it to grow crops, resell it, or whatever – all this in the midst of record drought. Wow.  Even amongst water districts, which have been forming to provide irrigation water to areas in California since the late 1800s, Westlands is known as a big bully. … ”  Read more from the Taxpayers for Common Sense here:  Duped into a bad water deal

Source: http://www.familiesprotectingthevalley.com/topstory.php?ax=v&n=10&id=10&nid=11801