02 Oct Farmers rally in Mendota for water supply solutions

Hundreds meet in Mendota for “Take Back Our Water” rally

Central Valley farmers and workers joined forces in Mendota Friday. Hundreds rallied demanding state politicians to craft real drought solutions before it is too late.

“America’s food supply is disappearing.” Says Firebaugh grape grower Wayne Western, “You can drive around and see what is happening.”

They called the rally: “Take Back Our Water.”

“We have got to get this situation figured out.” He adds. “So far the valley has been ignored that is what this is here today.”

Western and hundreds of others are working to send a message to Governor Jerry Brown.

“We are here to show people where their food comes from and we are here to show how many people’s job depend on ag.” says “My job depends on AG” founder Steve Malanca.

He says the drought is caused by more than just the lack of rain. He says changes can be made starting from in Sacramento.

“We are rooting for more storage so that are farmers can continue to farm in Central California.”

Activists are calling this a “regulatory drought” they want water to stop being diverted for environmental issues and be sent to where it is needed, for Central Valley farmers and families.

“Stop penalizing us, stop taking our water, get it back to us, change the direction and be fair with us.” says Assemblyman Jim Patterson.

Patterson says more state leaders need to shed light on the problems that valley farmers are facing.

“We are asking the governor to call a special session of the California Legislature to solve these problems to change path.”

Attendees are hoping they will get political attention one signature at a time. Farmers and groups are also planning another similar rally in Sacramento in January.

The letter to Governor Brown that people were signing at today’s rally can also be found on Assemblyman Patterson’s website. See the link below.


Source: http://www.yourcentralvalley.com/news/farmers-rally-in-mendota-for-water-supply-solutions