05 Oct Governor Blows Off Farmers!

Central Valley farmers gathered in Mendota friday to put pressure on California Governor Jerry Brown to call a special legislative session to deal with the farm water crisis.  There is clearly a lot more that can be done especially in the area of new storage like raising Shasta Dam and building new reservoirs like Temperance Flat and Sites.

But, it didn’t take long for the Governor to take the wind out of the farmer’s sails.  A spokesman for Brown said there is already a sound process in place to “ensure that drought assistance and bond funds are being distributed appropriately.”

Gareth Lacey, deputy press secretary for Brown went on to say that “to date hundreds of millions of dollars have been committed to emergency drought relief, disaster assistance, water conservation and infrastructure projects across California with much more on the way.  This investment and response is the product of Republicans and Democrats setting aside politics and working together, without any need for a special session.”

Translation:  What are you guys talking about?  We’re already doing all we can.

The Governor should climb down from his Ivory Tower and visit some real people in Central California, people who do not have water for the basic necessities of life for themselves or their children.

This Governor shields himself from the realities of the drought by surrounding himself with toadies and sycophants who only tell him what he wants to hear.

Of course, he has time to jet around the world promoting his climate agenda to pander to his environmental base.  No way is he going to alienate the elitist environmental movement by helping folks in the Central Valley get water.

No wonder people are so frustrated with the political process.

Mendota Water Rally Calls for Special Legislative Session

More that 300 farmers, workers and elected officials from throughout the Valley gathered Friday at Rojas Pierce Park in Mendota to urge Gov. Jerry Brown to call a special legislative session to deal with California’s water crisis.

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