19 Nov Water Bond Initiative


November 19, 2015

Contact: Ralph Rendon
Telephone: 559-908-9845
Email: rrendon@gtipros.com
Website: gtipros.com


Gar Tootelian, Inc. praises water use initiative that puts people and food security first

Reedley, CA – Gar Tootelian, Inc. (GAR) declares full support for the Water Priorities Bond Act filed on November 12, 2015. The 2016 ballot initiative seeks to provide long-term solutions to resolve California’s broken water policies for storing and managing water supplies.

“It is time for California’s senseless man made water crisis to come to an end. The bond reprioritizes and applies $10.8 billion previously approved for High
Speed Rail to new water facilities that will serve California for a lifetime.” said Greg Musson, President/CEO of Gar Tootelian, Inc. “Reliable water supplies for
families, businesses and California’s food producers, who provide 50% of our nation’s food, is imperative. Without safe and secure water sustainability,
California will cease to thrive as the largest food and fiber provider to our great nation. This bond is a human initiative.”

Language in the bond states that it will not create new debt or new tax burdens on the State or Taxpayers, but rather it puts people and food production first. According to California Water 4 All, the bond redirects funds to better uses by conserving, recycling and recharging groundwater aquifers. Additionally, the redirected funds also go toward building new projects and permanent infrastructure to capture and store water to be used for domestic water supplies and food production. To read the initiative visit http://cawater4all.com/.

Established in 1949, GAR is a community outreach leader in the Central Valley and works to promote education and awareness on the importance of valley agriculture. Recently the family owned business was named North America’s best in safety and community outreach. Partnerships include: the Fresno Grizzlies’ Farm Grown Program, the Valley Farm at the Fresno Chaffee Zoo and Valley PBS’ Valleys Gold and Education through Agriculture. The all female owned company provides water, nutrition, regulatory and crop care advice and products to more than 1,500 growers throughout the Central Valley.

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