05 Feb Water For All Committee Hires ARNO for Initiative & Referenda Management

The California Water Alliance Initiative Fund Committee has contracted with a nationally recognized petition-gathering firm, Arno Petition Consultants, to lead the committee’s petition-signing campaign for a new ballot measure that would solve our long-term water problems by increasing our water storage with funds taken from the state’s increasingly unpopular and wayward High-Speed Rail Project.

The ballot measure reprioritizes the needs of California by shifting up to $8.0 billion in unspent California High Speed Rail bonds and $2.7 billion from the 2014 Proposition 1 Bond Act to build vitally needed surface and groundwater storage projects across California.

“California is suffering from an infrastructure investment priorities deficit, and this measure allows California voters to directly choose its top priorities,” said Aubrey Bettencourt, executive director of the California Water Alliance, sponsor of the ballot measure.

She continued, “With statewide support for the Water For All ballot measure, the committee has taken the step to contract with Arno Petition Consultants to ensure the people of California have a choice in stopping the money-wasting, oft-delayed High-Speed Rail Project and using its funds to build water storage and other infrastructure projects that will benefit both the people of our state and help the environment.”

Arno Political Consultants has run nearly 600 petition campaigns in 30 years across 20 different states, including California. His firm reportedly once gathered 700,000 signatures in California in only 17 days.

The measure incurs no new debt, levies no new taxes, and creates no new user fees. It directs that water from the new projects will go to domestic users first, followed by irrigation, environment and recreation.

Arno will field independent contractors across the state over the next few weeks to gather the nearly one million signatures necessary to qualify the measure for the November General Election ballot. Arno’s efforts will be supplemented by petition-signing events of volunteer organizations in many areas affected by the drought or in the path of the bullet train.

For more information on the Water For All ballot measure, visit: www.CAWater4All.com

Source: http://us12.campaign-archive1.com/?u=c880197aa066dabe213435ffc&id=bc50c11460&e=48223fd532